In an omnichannel environment where the customer experience is what counts most, retailers must accelerate the digital transformation process to stay ahead.

The rapid development of new technologies has created a multiplicity of sales channels (ecommerce, mobile commerce, drive-through shopping and more). At the same time, we are seeing unprecedented advances in tools developed specifically for BtoB.

This shifting landscape has brought new ways of working that are making collaboration easier, helping speed up decision making processes and transforming the tools available to sales forces.

Our team of experts can help you find solutions to the everyday challenges of developing relevant digital transformation strategies and ensuring successful operational implementation. Whatever strategy you choose, we are positioned to assist you, whether you are in France or anywhere else around the globe, with:

  • Innovation: concept stores and merchandising
  • The retail ecosystem: customer portals, BtoB ecommerce sites, mobile order entry, customer communities, supplier portals
  • Operational excellence: quality management and corporate services
  • Management: employee intranets

Our history

Visiativ has leveraged an aggressive acquisitions strategy and is today a leading retail solutions provider. 

  • 2012: acquisition of Isotools, a BtoB ecommerce website specialist
  • 2015: acquisition of Kalista, the leading reseller of Dassault Systèmes 3D solutions (3D merchandising) and provider of consulting services in custom merchandising and product photography
  • 2016: acquisition of SOLO, manufacturer of the Aquarelle CRM for sales forces
  • 2017: acquisition of SPREAD, a manufacturer of customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty software
  • 2017: acquisition of a stake in SILab (Shopping Innovation Lab) the first-ever innovation centre dedicated to the retail of the future

Today, in 2018, Visiativ Retail is poised to offer retailers around the globe support on all of their digital-technology-related issues.

  • Point of sale: 3D merchandising and 3D packaging
  • Sales force: BtoB ecommerce sites, mobile ordering apps, CRM for travelling sales forces (appointment management, shelf-facing reports)
  • Reseller networks: coordination and supply of ordering and inventory management tools
  • Support functions: quality management, employee intranets, supplier portals

SILab: An immersive 3D virtual reality lab

A CAVE virtual reality room is available to customers to design, test, simulate and evaluate new merchandising, store and store window displays – or any other customer touchpoint.

The CAVE offers an immersive experience and enables retailers and retail product manufacturers to launch new visual merchandising projects using the Perfect Shelf solution to explore and interact with a store’s virtual twin.


Visiativ quick facts


Visiativ develops and integrates innovative software to accelerate the digital transformation of mid-market companies with social, collaborative business-specific solutions. Visiativ solutions support operational excellence and facilitate innovation by enabling companies to strengthen their relationships with customers and partners and increase employee engagement. To adapt to today’s business environment, companies must become open, collaborative platforms.

Visiativ has more than 30 years of experience. The company started with two core business lines:

  • Integrating Dassault Systèmes software (CAD, PLM, 3D merchandising)
  • Developing a business-specific collaborative social platform (Moovapps)

Founded in 1987, Visiativ reported revenue of €163.2 million in 2017 and has a portfolio of more than 18,000 customers. The company has operations in all of France’s major cities as well as in Switzerland and Morocco, and has nearly 900 employees. Visiativ (ALVIV) is listed on the Alternext Paris exchange.

High-speed Digital Transformation

Visiativ has developed a High-speed Digital Transformation process that gives companies the power to drive their digital transformation.

Visiativ works with the customer to complete an audit and draw up a digital roadmap based on four pillars strategic to the company’s profitability and growth:

  • Boost innovation across the company:products, services, business model
  • Ensure operational excellence: simplify and automate processes
  • Reinvent relationships with the company’s ecosystem: customers and partners
  • Increase employee engagement: involve all functions within the organisation

Once the roadmap has been completed, Visiativ provides the customer with a technology platform, a catalogue of business-specific applications and an innovative ‘on-demand app’ system to bring digital technology to all departments: sales, merchandising, marketing, quality, HR and more.