Le supermarché de demain
le supermarché du futur

Point de Vente, the French business magazine specialized in retail, has recently focused its attention on the supermarket of the future.

Initiated by Visiativ Retail, the Institut de Commerce and the Silab, this new concept’s aim is to counter the weakening of retail: decrease of stores frequentation, loss of people’s trust and reduction of average expenses.

This highlights the necessity for supermarkets to innovate in order to regain their central position in consumers’ life. Therefore, they need to meet many criteria:

  • Promote sustainable development by limiting the environmental impact of the consumption system.
  • Be reliable and inspire trust among clients.
  • Offer healthy and safe products to all consumers, equally.
  • Create links between people and facilitate their interactions.

From this starting point, and with the support of Dassault Systems, Visativ organized an immersive journey during which participants explored virtual reality. In that way, they reinvented the supermarket of the futur, in favor of ethical consumption.

What are the specifications of this supermarket? Less packaging, more transparency and accessibility, a consumer experience full of animations, and the creation of strong links between locals.