Community dynamics at Visiativ

With the development of the platform economy, value creation is gradually shifting from the product to the ecosystem built around the product.

Visiativ offers platforms designed to bring customers together and facilitate interaction.

The concept is phygital, with regular physical events and online interaction.

The main purpose is to enable community members to share their experiences. However, over time, recurring freemium services can also be offered.

Visiativ communities are built in close cooperation with customers and Visiativ staff. The goal is to bring all corporate divisions together around shared business challenges.

Our Communities

The “Think Marketing” community:

With the digital’s development, the marketing is experiencing significant changes : new paradigms, new tools, new opportunities! 

The Think Marketing community helps marketers who want to be more efficient by sharing best practices among members and opening up to BtoB and BtoC methods. 

You can take advantage of privileged meetings, offered several times a year in Paris and elsewhere, depending on members’ interests and needs. You can also find us daily on our digital platform to exchange and build together the marketing of tomorrow.

Business Teamwork joining hands team spirit Collaboration Concept

The “Commerce Augmenté / 360 sale” community 

Because of the digital age and the evolution of technology, the Retail is experiencing a profound transformation.

Because the key of the differentiation is the customer experience, it’s essential to do everything as possible to guarantee total satisfaction at each point of interaction, whatever the channel used. It’s essential for companies to improve the customer experience, through the use of adapted and efficient tools.

“Commerce Augmenté” is the merger between e-commerce and traditional trade. The transition between these two activities opens the way to a new form of use, which will make the customer experience funnier, more immersive and more efficient.

The 360sales community was born to help retailers to accelerate their digital transformation.