Visiativ accompanies Retail players in the development of new innovative store designs and the optimization of their merchandising strategy . Thanks to new technologies like 3D design and immersive virtual reality that help challenge various hypothesis in real time, your ideas will quickly turn into actions,.

Is your project to imagine the store of the future ? To optimize in store merchandising and  your brand positioning ? Moreover, do you have the ambition to develop a seamless customer experience between on-line and off-line sales channels ?

Visiativ is your partner as it combine field knowledge, operational agility and innovative technologies . Our experts have elaborated a collaborative and transversal work methodology which will allow you to make quick decisions in order to create innovative store designs and define the adequate merchandising strategy.


A 3 steps process :


Visiativ assists you in the identification, the organization and the modeling of all necessary data and assets that are required by the project:

  • Store reports
  • Shootings and measurements

  • Compilation and qualification of merchandising data
  • Management of the DAM (Digital Asset management) systems

  • 3D objects modeling
  • Optimization and conversion of customer files
  • Data integration in the 3DExperience platform


Once data are collected, our experts accompany you in the implementation the development of your new concept store and of your merchandising strategy : 

  • Training on merchandising tools
  • Planogram design assistance
  • Sale of 3D Store Design software

  • Creation and animation of a virtual retail store

  • Micro & macro analysis and performance


The final step consists in the validation of the defined strategy. Visiativ assists you in the store design 3D rollout so that all actors involved in the project can adopt it :

  • Organization of “design” workshops
  • Immersive cave – VR
  • PDF book’s edition
  • Presentation of the analytical results
  • Updating corrections based on retail store reports

They decided to trust Visiativ Retail, to work on their concept store project or their merchandising strategy :