Sales force, retail space, resellers network, support function… Which Retail Solutions match your needs?

In an omnichannel context where customer experience is key, retailers need to accelerate their digital transformation in BtoB and BtoC relationships. Fast paced technology changes have multiplied sales channels (in-store, e-commerce, drive, mobile ordering, …)

Brands are challenged in converging those various channels in order to provide BtoB and BtoC customers with a personalized and seamless experience.

Visiativ accompanies brands in order to address digital challenges, in France and internationally, thanks to dedicated-retail Solutions :

  • Sales force : BtoB e-commerce site, mobile order taking application, CRM, field sales force automation
  • Resellers network : animation, ordering tools, inventory management
  • Support functions : quality management, human resources processes, suppliers portal
  • Retail space : 3D design and merchandising

Retail Solutions provided by Visiativ help professionals work more efficiently every day. Click below on the category that best matches your business and explore the Visiativ Retail applications that can bring you into the age of connected retail !