Greater efficiency for sales reps on the road or at the office


Equip your sales force with Moovapps Aquarelle and watch their efficiency soar! The solution delivers benefits to stakeholders across your organisation: regional sales managers, sales directors, call centre staff and marketers. Moovapps Aquarelle is a 360° sales management system that lets you prioritise sales campaigns and promotions and analyse the results. It also offers scheduling features, in-store promotion management and reports.

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Do More

Moovapps Aquarelle is fully upgradable and configurable and can be used online and offline. The solution provides an overview of all key indicators of the brand’s presence at points of sale and can be used to schedule sales appointments, plan promotions and enter customer orders. With Moovapps Aquarelle you get the right information exactly when you need it for an effective and targeted response to your retail needs.

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Available anywhere

Moovapps Aquarelle can be used on any tablet or computer, whether it is connected to the internet or not. The interface can be personalised and configured to meet your needs.

Technologie for sales reps
on the road

Travelling sales reps will enjoy greater efficiency thanks to clearer priorities, full access to customer data (sales revenue, sales tasks completed and more), calendar management, suggested routes and access to all marketing assets in digital format.

More convenient tracking of in-store campaigns and promotions

Finding out whether an in-store campaign or promotion has been effective is never easy. Let Moovapps Aquarelle do it for you with intuitive, user-friendly reports that you can analyse in real time.

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