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Moovapps BtoB Commerce lets you display all of your collections in a single, secure online location. The solution’s virtual showroom is available 24-7. Your customers can place orders whenever they want, wherever they are. Previously-negotiated prices are automatically applied. What can Moovapps BtoB Commerce do for your brand? With Moovapps BtoB Commerce, you will sell more, lower costs and increase customer satisfaction!

E-commerce BtoB


Moovapps BtoB Commerce can be integrated with your ERP, for a retail-specific solution developed based on Visiativ’s years of experience working with some of the world’s leading fashion brands. The application gives sales directors, sales administration managers and their teams a clear overview of the brand’s collections and initial and restocking orders placed by BtoB customers so they can do more, faster!

E-commerce BtoB

An application available everywhere

The Moovapps BtoB Commerce platform is multi-language and multi-currency and is available on all professional devices (computers, tablets). It can be organised to meet your needs with up to five levels of menus.

A comprehensive and fully-integrated response to your needs

Moovapps BtoB Commerce uses a universal connector developed for the apparel industry to interface with your ERP. You can display products in multiple sizes, plan promotions, manage types of orders and multiple-shopping-cart orders, facilitate cross-selling and more. Moovapps BtoB Commerce was developed to meet your industry’s BtoB ecommerce needs

Easy to use

Powerful faceted navigation can be used to help display the products you want, taking into account current and projected inventory. Your customers can place orders easily and automatically benefit from previously-negotiated prices.

They use Moovapps BtoB Commerce. See their success stories.

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