Get ahead on your product launches


New product launches are a challenge for any company. Releasing a new product often requires substantial investment and significant contributions from people across the organisation. Packaging is usually the last (or almost the last) step. And yet, packaging is crucial to a product resonating with its target customers and motivating customers to make a purchase. Visiativ Retail developed Perfect Package, a 3D packaging solution that can help save time and money.


One of the things that makes Perfect Package so great is that it serves as a hub for the creation of packaging that will be attractive to consumers. All stakeholders (from the brand, the design agency, packaging manufacturers and more) can work together smoothly and efficiently with Perfect Package. Everyone can contribute to the project, make comments and suggest new ideas, shortening packaging design cycles by up to 50%!

Less time, smaller budgets

Perfect Package permet de réduire de 30 à 50 % les coûts des matériaux et les coûts de conception. Les délais, eux, chutent de près d'un tiers, selon les chiffres de Dassault Systèmes.

Lower product recall risk

When all stakeholders contribute to packaging design using Perfect Package, the risk of product recalls is reduced. You get greater peace of mind when your new product hits store shelves!

Reusable models

Do you need to develop multiple versions of a 3D model for local markets or multi-product ranges? With Perfect Package you can, in just a few clicks.

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