to BtoB customers

Our Customer

France-based Babolat was founded in 1875 as a manufacturer of natural gut tennis strings. The company’s original sales model was indirect. Today, Babolat is the global leader on its market, selling more than 1.7 million rackets per year for total annual revenue of €150 million. Babolat products are available at 15,000 retail outlets and 20,000 sport clubs in more than 100 countries.

Visiativ‘s Solution

Visiativ implemented its Moovapps BtoB Commerce online ordering solution to assist Babolat in its efforts to transition to connected retail and increase the brand’s proximity to BtoB customers worldwide. Moovapps BtoB Commerce is available 24-7 from any location and offers all of the features Babolat needs to interact with its BtoB customers, such as product orders (timed seasonally or with deliveries triggered by inventory thresholds), inventory checks, sample orders, real-time order tracking, purchasing analytics and more. Babolat’s BtoB customers connect to the application in their preferred language and order in their country’s currency. They can also find all of the information and services they need to effectively manage their sales.

The results

With Moovapps BtoB Commerce, retailers connect to a single, personalised interface to enter their orders and track deliveries. The process is now more efficient and sales are up!