Success Brake
to follow the sales activity
"Moovapps Aquarelle made it easier for the group to place orders and to monitor sales activity".
Stéphane Grozel
Trade Project Manager
Visuel Success Brake

Who is our client ?

Brake France is a leading catering and food supplier for commercial and institutional catering organizations. Founded in 1958, the group now has 45,000 customers, 2,162 employees and a turnover of 707 million euros. 

What has Visiativ put in place?

Brake area chefs are required to take orders in special situations, as they are usually done in kitchens with a chef standing cooking. So they needed a hybrid touch tool, which could be used on a computer and tablet, to improve and facilitate ordering.

Benefits ?

The implementation of Moovapps Aquarelle, with 300 employees, has enabled the group to facilitate order taking and to set up a follow-up of sales activity: planning visits, reports of appointments… In addition, the sector manager now has the tools to create value by proposing new products to the sales team. He can also restock orders in order to be more proactive in the sales act.