Sales Appointement management
made easier through faster interaction with sales administration

Our Customer

Findis Desamais is France’s leading supplier of home goods to independent retailers. Founded in 1908, the company boasts 7,000 customers and a catalogue of 25,000 products. With 220 employees, the company reports sales revenue of €76 million per year. Findis Desamais sells its products through several different channels. The company was seeking a new salesforce automation software application to help make its sales representatives and sales administration staff more responsive. The decision to switch to a new CRM was part of a broader digital transformation strategy in place at the company.

Visiativ‘s Solution

Findis Desamais opted for Moovapps Aquarelle, a CRM. The company’s sales force can now place orders at any time from any location, check that there is sufficient inventory to fulfil the order, view customer purchasing logs and more. The software contains data on 35,000 products and 7,000 customers. All information is available online and offline.

The Results

Managing sales appointments has become much easier since the company implemented Moovapps Aquarelle. Findis Desamais sales reps can now interact much more rapidly with sales administration staff, making them much more responsive. Sales reps can also answer customer questions immediately and access a press kit. The end result is more satisfied customers, and that is what keeps the company going strong!