Success EG Labo
To manage the sales activity
« Thanks to Moovapps, we have developed a powerful computer system that enables us to improve customer satisfaction and develop the laboratory's turnover »
Benoît Moulis
Sales Director
Succes EG Labo

Who is our client?

EG Labo is the French subsidiary of the German STADA group, one of the world leaders in generic medicines. Created in 1996, the laboratory distributes its products to various players: pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers.

What has Visiativ put in place?


EG Labo wanted to digitize and support its sales team activity with a powerful IT systems, that could take into account field operations. The sales teams includes : 45 sales representatives, 5 regional managers, 3 key accounts and 1 sales manager. To meet this need, Visiativ Retail deployed the Moovapps Aquarelle solution, which enables the laboratory to monitor the sales force’s sales activity and enhance and digitize the order taking process.



With Moovapps Aquarelle, EG Labo benefits friom a high-performance IT system to manage sales activity, to share efficient reporting dashbords and to optimize customer follow-up. Both the company turnover and the customer satisfaction have grown since the new IT system was launched.