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Our Customer

Furygan was founded in 1969 by Jacques Segura. By 1971 the brand was well-established on the ski, motorcycle and other markets, developing and manufacturing specialised gloves and, later, other specialised apparel. Today the leader on its market, Furygan has become an iconic brand among motorcycle enthusiasts and is sold by more than 1,000 retailers in 45 countries.

Visiativ‘s Solution

Furygan was seeking an innovative solution capable of offering a comprehensive overview of the collections and current and future inventory levels to facilitate the ordering process anytime and anywhere. Moovapps BtoB Commerce was the ideal solution. The platform interfaces with ERP Yourcegid Retail to give retailers crucial information that lets them manage inventory, backorders and product availability dates. Retailers also have access to a secure online BtoB interface with complete information to facilitate order placement 24-7 in real time, anywhere in the world.

The Results

Retailers love their dedicated BtoB ordering interface, which offers the same user-friendly features as familiar BtoC sites. Users get immediate answers to their order tracking, inventory and backorder questions. They can also download invoices and view sales administration data. Furygan sales reps are now spending much less time on the phone with customers answering questions about inventory and invoices, for example. This has freed up time for more strategic tasks like ensuring quality of service and making relevant recommendations to customers.