Virtual Shop
thanks to the SILAB's cave

Our Customer

La Gentle Factory is a label of men’s fashion company Happychic, which is also known for brands like Brice, Bizzbee and Jules. La Gentle Factory is an ethical fashion label that was initially sold in the company’s other retail stores. In 2016, as part of its strategy to develop the brand, Happychic made the decision to open a network of La Gentle Factory retail stores. The company also decided to use 3D modelling rather than physical models of the future stores.

Visiativ‘s Solution

Visiativ started by learning more about Happychic’s needs, and then created models of all of the future stores’ fixtures, interior design, products, and merchandising. Once the models had been completed, a virtual store was created and displayed at the SILab. La Gentle Factory staff assigned to the project came to see the virtual store. Using 3D glasses, they were able to experience exactly how the store would look and feel on opening day. Potential improvements were discussed and decisions were made on the spot. Visiativ then integrated all of the changes requested by the customer.

The Results

The models created by Visiativ and the immersive 3D experience led to the complete development of the store in just half a day, rather than the weeks or months this type of project usually takes. The process was an incredibly efficient way to support the brand’s development!