Local Solution
for managing a retailer network

Our Customer

Lacoste was founded in 1926 by the world’s top-ranked tennis player at the time, René Lacoste, and has today grown to become a multinational company. The company reports annual revenue of more than €2 billion from sales at 1,200 boutiques, 2,000 department store corners, and a network of multi-brand retailers (more than 4,000 in Europe).

Visiativ‘s Solution

Lacoste wanted to give its sales reps powerful tools to strengthen the brand’s relationships with retailers and support sales growth worldwide. Visiativ recommended implementing the Moovapps BtoB Commerce platform and integrating it with the company’s CRM to give sales reps online tools to support growth. They can enter orders anywhere and anytime, access inventory data, and send orders directly to sales administration. The platform also offers delivery tracking, invoicing and a central online repository for merchandising assets.

The Results

Moovapps BtoB Commerce has helped Lacoste increase sales and move inventory. Sales reps can now easily recommend past-season products, generating savings for the brand and opportunities for sales reps to sell more.
Moovapps BtoB Commerce has also helped strengthen the brand’s relationships with its retailers. Online ordering has enabled the brand to manage its sales at the national level. Each country can plan campaigns according to the local market. Retailers get the benefits of personalised relationships with the brand and promotions tailored to their local needs.