approval of store merchandising plans

Our Customer

Les Jours Heureux is a fine food retailer founded in 1979. It sells more than 140 gourmet products. Products are sold by mail order, online and in the brand’s retail stores, which were launched in 2015. When the retail stores were launched, the company began thinking about its merchandising strategy. The goal was to ensure that the first store was a success from day one without generating additional costs.

Visiativ‘s Solution

Les Jours Heureux followed Visiativ’s recommendation and used 3DS Perfect Shelf to quickly and efficiently plan its first store. Visiativ Retail used the design and fixtures provided by the company’s agency and all of the company’s products to create a 3D model of the store and product merchandising. The people from Les Jours Heureux spent a day at the SILab exploring the virtual store and making decisions about the merchandising plan in real time.

The Results

The conventional process of creating a new store was eliminated, saving Les Jours Heureux time and money. In just one day, the company gained the total peace of mind of knowing that they had made the right choices for their flagship store.