Traceability & product quality control
« Our aim was to ensure quality at its source, traceability of controls, product sorting and real time information sharing. In order to address such needs, we chose the Moovapps quality Management Solution. To date, we have saved a lot of time and have secured our sourcing »
Pierre-Luc Buisine

Quality Safety Environment Director at Petit Bateau

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Who is our client ?

Petit Bateau is a French patrimonial brand which offers clothing for babies, children and mothers. The brand is a member of the Rocher Group since 1988; it celebrated its 125th birthday in 2018. In a few figures, Petit Bateau represents more than € 360 million of annual turnover, 30 million of items sold each year and a worldwide distribution, includingEurope and Asia.

What has Visiativ put in place ?

Petit Bateau’s project was to digitize quality procedures and quality check data in order to integrate them into a single solution, that is connected to their warehouse management, production and purchasing tools. The Victoria project is enrolled in a High-Speed Transformation global initiative. The aim is to assure quality traceability, support a real-time steering of the activity and standardize the IT systems. Petit Bateau chose the Moovapps Quality Management solution and the tablet application from our partner Alpix in order to benefit from an efficient quality systems.

The results ?

With these tools on their tablets, quality controllers can directly register the ouptuts of quality control operations. This represents more than 2500 hours of data re-entry saved each year for Petit Bateau! Thanks to this in-field information report, teams can also automatically generate suppliers reports. Henceforward, teams achieve this quality assessments in 5 minutes whereas it used to take 3 hours. Beyond time and money savings, this is a real steering and decision-support tool for Petit Bateau. During peak periods, the team can now decide whether to save or not the quality control operations of some suppliers in accordance with the results of previous controls.

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