order placement from anywhere
"Moovapps SmartRep is an ergonomic tool. I'm a salesman, not a computer person. So I need something very simple to use. In addition, since we are on the road every day to meet our customers and prospects, we need a tool that can work with and without an Internet connection. And it works! »
Gérard Matter
Manager des ventes

Our Customer

France-based Picture Organic Clothing manufactures apparel for snowboarding, skiing, outdoor sports and surfing. The brand has a unique positioning. All of its products are ethical and environmentally responsible, made from recycled, organic or bio-based materials. Picture Organic Clothing products are sold by more than 1,000 retailers in 30 countries; the company reports sales revenue of more than €14 million per year.

Visiativ‘s Solution

Picture Organic Clothing had grown to a point where an overhaul of the company’s information systems had become a necessity. The company was seeking a more efficient, accurate tool to meet the needs of all of its BtoB customers. Visiativ recommended Moovapps SmartRep as the ideal solution to support the brand’s growth. The platform gives all sales reps clear information on each customer (contact details, orders, preferred collections and more), access to the complete product catalogue (online and offline) and a repository of all of the company’s marketing and communications assets.

The Results

Picture Organic Clothing sales reps now have a practical, user-friendly tool to facilitate their relationships with their 1,000 retailers. The order placement process is now faster. Products arrive on store shelves sooner. The company’s entire value chain is now more efficient.