of the whole customer base
« Moovapps has really contributed to the company's competitiveness. The solution is simple to use and easy for new sales people to understand. »
Marie Juton
CRM/BI Project Manager

Who is our client?

The PiLeJe laboratory develops and distributes food supplements and functional foods. Founded in 1991 by a team of doctors, the laboratory has more than 200 employees and sells its products in 26 countries around the world. The laboratory defends the idea of individualized support to stay healthy and participates in advances in nutrition research.

What has Visiativ put in place?


PiLeJe’s sales teams wanted a tool that would allow them to have a better knowledge of customers and to ensure sales follow-up. The Moovapps Aquarelle solution brought a wealth of information to the entire PiLeJe sales force, information that sales people didn’t have before such as activity, turnover and visit history for each customer.



“We started with about fifteen Moovapps Aquarelle licenses to manage order taking and customer appointment tracking, and we now have 150 licenses. Moovapps Aquarelle is a simple to use and easy to understand solution for new sales representatives.”

All orders are now received in a matter of minutes within the ERP systems, after they have been taken by the sales representatives.

Moovapps Aquarelle

The efficiency for your mobile and sedentary sales forces