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Our Customer

Rians started out as a family-operated farm in the early 20th century. It is now a global brand that exports its products to countries like the United States. Today owned by dairy company Laiteries Triballat, the Rians brand is known for its dairy products and desserts. The company reports annual revenue of more than €210 million.

Visiativ‘s Solution

Rians sales reps are always on the road, travelling from store to store and meeting with customers. One of their tasks is to enter shelf-facing data. This requires the capacity to analyse a number of indicators like the brand’s positioning in stores, sales and merchandising quality in real time in an environment where an internet connection is often not available. Visiativ Retail recommended Moovapps Aquarelle so that Rians sales reps would have access to all of the features they need offline. Shelf-facing data is sent as soon as the app is connected to the internet.

The Results

Moovapps Aquarelle was integrated into the company’s CRM, giving Rians sales reps greater flexibility and convenience. The sales reps were clear about their need for software with an interface as familiar and easy to use as any personal online tool. Now that they have it, they are more engaged!