with personalised planograms

Our Customer

WD-40 was founded in the United States in 1953. Initially, the company sold just one product, WD-40, a rust-prevention solvent for rockets. However, the product was so effective that it rapidly found other uses. Today, WD-40 is used to lubricate, unstick, protect, and remove dirt from a variety of surfaces. WD-40 is now sold in 190 countries, either through subsidiaries, like in France, or exclusive importers committed to maintaining the brand’s iconic image.

Visiativ‘s Solution

In 2016, WD-40 wanted to expand the planogram strategy it had been using in France to all of Europe. The company’s goal was to implement its category management strategy across all major European markets and provide these markets with the service and technical assistance they would need to succeed. Visiativ supported WD-40 with the use of 3DS Perfect Shelf. With realistic 3D renderings, the solution can generate planograms from the company’s libraries from any workstation connected to the internet. For now, the solution is used mainly as a selling tool, helping WD-40 employees more easily adapt their planograms to the unique situation of each store.

The Results

WD-40 sales reps are satisfied across the board. 3DS Perfect Shelf makes it easier for them to sell their products and, especially, get new products onto retailers’ shelves. It also helps get retailers’ merchandisers involved, and they, too, have seen the value of the solution.